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Every 5p Helps

Did you know that Alzheimer's Research UK has been the supported charity of Iceland Supermarkets since 2011? To date they have undertaken sponsorship challenges from climbing Everest to an expedition to the South Pole! Now, I dont know about you, but my abilities probably go no further than walking to my nearest Iceland store. So that the every day folk amongst us can do our bit, Iceland donate the 5p paid for each carrier bag in their stores to the charity. Perhaps this it one shop where you could leave your bags for life at home and do some good? EvE

New Version

Tonight I have been busy typing away and preparing the news letter ahead of our new version release. Reading through the release notes I have been really excited by some of the new features. 

I think that, being out of the HQ loop for a while, I see changes through new eyes. I am so pleased to see that our fab development team really listen to the opinions of our customers, and I feel that this new version really addresses some of the issues that have been raised in the past. 

A big thanks will have to go to our whole team though, Nikki taking the reins of Sales so fantastically, as well as Syne committing so well to his  new training role, means that our support team at head office have been able to dedicate more time to development. Long may this continue. Well done to the whole Ablyss CMS family for making each and every improvment possible. From a selfish point of view it is making my return in August even more enticing.

Welcome May

Isn't it lovely to see the sun shining and summer well and truly on the way. I've been loving looking through the pictures some of our homes have been posting to facebook with stories of fun time spent out in the gardens, eating cakes and drinking tea.

For us the coming of May brings with it the start of Exhibition and Show season and will take us to Liverpool, Bournemouth and Blackpool just for starters.

If you've been thinking about investing in a new care management system and want to see what we can offer, or if you're an existing customer who wants to talk about training, pick our brains, or even just say hello, check out our Upcoming Events page on our website and find when we are in your area.

We'll see you soon!

Doing our bit for the Stroke Association

What a pleasure it was, on Easter Sunday, to represent Ablyss at my local Motorcycles club meet and ride in aid of the stroke association. As you can see from the pictures it was really well supported both by the members and the locals who were all drawn out by the revs of the engines and the general excitment (I live in a very small town where nothing every happens!)

The volunteers were ciruclating with the collection buckets at the meet, and a lot of money was raised for a great cause, before seeing the bikers all pull off together and wishing them a safe ride.

Phew what a month!

Syne in action with some of our newest customersAblyss training is certainly taking off as word spreads on how beneficial it is to brush up your skills. Our trainer Syne has been everywhere from Ormskirk to Watford and everywhere in between (a special thanks to our super organiser at HQ, Rachael, who planned him such an excellent route taking in so many stops!)

Apart from a puncture on the side of the motorway, all training sessions went without a hitch and everyone seems delighted with the new skills they have learned. 

This month Syne has done both workshops and onsite training days and I thought it would be interesting to get his perspective on which he prefers, purely from the trainers point of view. He seemed pretty clear on his answer "As a trainer, I find Wilmslow (HQ) workshops more efficient because technical questions are answered immediatley with our onsite support team". Syne's answer, of course, had nothing at all to do with the fact that Captain Sally treated the whole team to a few drinks down the Ablyss local and a curry. I can't blame you Syne, Ablyss are a great, fun company to work for, and for this exact reason we all enjoy our rare visits to head office!

Nikki continues to be busy out on the road visiting potential new customers doing demos. As for me I have had a tough month trying to get up to date with some of our new in house systems. All very essential for communication now that there are so many of us working around the whole of the UK, but with a severe bout of baby brain to deal with, its been heavy work. Thankfully I think I am now up to speed and might have it all sussed by the time I return fully in August!


What would care be without compliance

There is just over a week to go until our first compliance workshop, being held at our Worcestershire office. I have been busy making preparations and finalising the content for the day with Laura Sheerman, who will be running the day for us (thanks Laura!)

Please note that this is not a day to learn how to use Ablyss CMS, although we will be running plenty of those days througout the year and throughout the UK. The day will be geared towards complance and how care providers can benefit from abiding to rules and regulations. 

Here is what we have planned:

Achieving CQC Compliancy Workshop

Aim: Delegates understand how to achieve CQC compliancy within their service.
Duration: 6 hours


• Legislative Framework
• Regulations 2014 - What do they mean?
• Meeting Fundamental Standards (2015)
• Quality Assurance as Evidence
• Inspection Process
• PIR (Provider Information Return)
• Ratings

Delivery methods:

• Case Studies
• Peer to peer learning (delegate discussions)
• Group Work
• Facilitator led input

As this is not your usual training workshop, we are able to offer this day to a larger number of people. We have already had great interest but there are still places available for existing customers.

If you, or any of your staff steam would like to attend, or for further information, please call Rachael on 01625 535685 or email to book your place. Food and drinks will be provided as usual.

Not one of our customers, but want to benefit from future training days like these? Get on board with us! Contact Rachael now to book your demonstration of CMS and start reaping the benefits of being with a forward thinking company like Ablyss.

Our Enhanced Support Packages

When I left Ablyss to start my maternity leave, I found it quite hard to leave behind some of the wonderful people I had met at the homes I visited over the years. I know I was leaving them in good hands but its easy to still fret and worry. You easily form personal attachments and have a genuine interest and care in the homes success and smooth running.

One of my favourite homes to work with was Brinsworth House, a home for retired artists funded by the Royal Variety Charity.

The home itself is beautiful, very grand indeed with pictures of celebrities all over the guilded walls, theatre posters, a gleaming bar and theatre like entertainments roon. The people who live there, and work there are so truly wonderful.

Brinsworth House were one of my first customers to take the Gold Enhanced Support Package. Taking on a computerised system was a very big step for them. They had little in the way of hardware and the staff themselves were not confident with the new technology and so, for them, it made sense to have the extra help and handholding that the Gold package offered.

I was delighted to find out, that for their second year as an Ablyss customer, they have chosen, once again, to take the Gold Support. Some homes feel that they have learned all they can in their first year but, for those who's time is stretched, who's staff turnover is frequent, or who understand that the software is always evolving and improving, do benefit from continuing with an Enhanced Support Package.

Syne spent a day with them in February (he describes the home as "very porsche!') and was able to spend time with all the individual staff members answering their queries, but he also got to spend time looking at the system in depth with the Matron Tatree and Clinical Lead Nurse Raja. There was som fine tuning to be done and it was perfect for them to put the deed in the hands of the experts (us). 

Thye still have 2 days of onsite presence to use within the year, hopefully I will be lucky enough to do at least one of those visits later on in the year!

Some of our older customers may not be aware of the enhanced support packges. For further information just give us a call on 01625 535685



The Public Face of Dementia

I freely admitt that, before joining Ablyss, my contact with and experience of people living with dementia was limited. I vaguely remember my great grandfather in his final years relapse into speaking only Welsh: English totally forgotten,  and not knowing who I (the youngest family member) was despite the many hours I had spent with him talking about the war (the first one) and stealing his butterscotch. I also remember the anger and the violent outbursts which became so frequent. Who was this man? As a little one its hard to understand the confusion and frustration a person suffers simply by "not knowing"

Even as grown ups, with all our accumulated knowledge and life experience I think this is how the majority of people view dementia, until they encounter it for themselves through a friend or family member. Someone they dont know who just seems confused and angry all of the time.

At the moment, in my spare time, I am thoroughly enjoying the Channel 4 series "Great Canal Journeys". Not because I enjoy messing about on the river, but watching the relationship between Timothy West and his wife Prunella Scales who is herself disappearing into this illness. It is certainly a brave and bold move of them both to document and talk so openly about dementia, how it steals the person who once was, leaving all of those around them missing their loved one, even though they are technically still with them. Prunella Scales will always be, to me, the fiesty Cybil Fawlty. Its great to still see that spark shining through , but sad to see it dulling series by series. Regardless she is still a person, something we forget about sufferers. She is still out enjoying her hobbies, still capable of opening a lock, and fully able to appreciate the beauty of the nature around her. She is still Prunella Scales.

Good on them both for giving us the opportunity to try and see and understand for ourselves. 

If you've not already seen it, I would really recommend it for some enjoyable viewing.



Our On-going Commitment to our Customers

It's well known that the Ablyss after sales and training is second to none, and for 2017 we are taking that reputation even further.

We are pleased to announce that, throughout 2017, we have partnered with Sheerman Education to bring our customers vital training to help them run their homes more effectively. After all their success is our success!

We're kicking off with a full day of training, for our customers, focused on compliance. We have found more and more that this is an area where our managers could really use some help.

We will be covering topics such as legeslative framework, meeting fundamental standards, quality assurance as evidence (and how CMS from Ablyss can help), PIR and ratings.

This is just the start and these days are, mostly, provided free of charge for our customers.

If you want to be part of the Ablyss family, and have these vital services at your disposal, then call us now on 01625 535685 to book your free demonstration and trial.

Celebrating a bumper month

The figures are in and Ablyss are delighted to annouce that a total of 29 new homes signed up to become part of the Ablyss CMS family in December alone. This has meant a very busy start to 2017 for me,

My training this month started with Ravenswood a residential home situated in lower Weston-super-Mare. The registered manager gave me a warm welcome and helped me set up for training. In the morning I trained staff on using tablets and emphasising the importance of point of care delivery. The afternoon was for the Management who I helped get to grips with the administration of the system, teaching them how to customise CMS for their own individual requirements. This is a standard format I use for traininig new customers as it helps new users get to grips with the software.

Then it was off to Norwich for an onsite demonstration, and on to Woking (via the joy of the M25) for another training day as above. Our Silver and gold support packages are very popular as they offer this valuable initial training.

From  here it was on to Eastbourne in East Sussex, a beautiful drive though the British countryside, such a refreshing change to the usual motorway routes my trusty sat nav takes me on! Here I met with the Manager of an existing customer who felt they would benefit from some refresher training. Most of the day was spent tackling staff queries and going through some of the new features of the system which were not being utilised. 

We are always evolving and growing the capabilities of CMS so training is certainly something that any of our customers will find very beneficial from time to time. Even those homes who have been using the system for many years will learn something new.

Although I have been so busy out and about meeting you all, I still managed to find some time for a walk along the promenade to enjoy some refreshing sea air. I will admitt though that I was not brave enough to go in for a paddle!


CMS Trainer


Why Care Homes Need a Care Management System

A care home management system allows you to focus on providing the best care possible, by providing an efficient management tool. Running a care home involves multiple responsibilities and so care management systems have been created with the aim of organising these responsibilities into an accessible structure. What makes the software so special is that it has been designed with this sector specifically in mind. Accountabilities such as record keeping, rotas, care plans, training and risk assessment are all easily accessible and tailored to your specific requirements. We’ve been able to design a package that’s specifically suitable for care management, by conducting extensive first hand research into UK care homes. Gaining knowledge from care managers and staff has allowed us to create a product targeted to their needs. The understanding of legal care home requirements is built into our care home management systems to ensure correct practice, reassuring both you and your clients.

The core templates which make up the necessary everyday duties of a care home can be designed specifically for you, because we understand that every care home is unique. Additionally, patients are unique, with potentially complex issues, and so a care home management system accounts for situations involving general nursing, mental health and learning difficulties. Technology has allowed for even more sophisticated solutions and we have worked hard to make our system as effective for care staff as possible. As a result, the system can be operated on any desktop, tablet or mobile device to accommodate a fast-moving environment. Using tablets and mobile devices can make everyday tasks simpler and quicker to complete, so there is more time for the essential caregiving. You can additionally work offline on these devices, if internet connection is not always available. The time that administration takes can be an issue in the care sector, but care home management systems work to reduce admin time, even when run from a single computer.

12 Reasons to buy CMS: January, It's Affordable

At Ablyss CMS we don’t believe in “complicated” and pride ourselves that we’ve created a simple user friendly system. As such our pricing is the same. Simple.

We offer you 2 options. Buy or Rent. 

To Buy:

To Rent:

Just choose your preferred support package and decide whether you buy or rent. It really is that simple.

There are no building blocks or additional modules to purchase. You get everything; full access to all the Desktop, Touch and Tablet systems and their associated features. You can install on as many devices as you like, and have as many users as you like.

Time and time again we meet people who cannot believe pricing such a comprehensive system can be so easy to use and this cheap but, trust us, it really is.

To find out more visit our website      

Happy New Year From all of us at Ablyss HQ

Well here we all are. The festivities are over, the decorations are down, diets have started and we're all back to the daily task of running our homes and businesses. We do hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that all of your residents, familes and friends had a lovely time. 

A lot of people look forward to the start of a new year, as they are usually putting the previous one behind them and resolving to do things better. I can only speak for us, but we're heading into 2017 hoping we can do just as well! We had a bumper year: we welcomed more customers than ever before over a 12 month period and we also welcomed new members to our team to help keep up with the demand. Nikki joined us on the Sales team, Syne took up a new role in training, and our latest addition Rachael arrived in HQ to help us handle admin and whip us all into shape and keep us organised. So what does 2017 have in store for us all? Who knows, but there are certainly some exciting changes planned. Do make sure that you are signed up to recieve our Newsletter to keep up to date with new developments (you can do this from the help menu in CMS) and, as always, we welcome the input of each and every one of you, so keep those ideas coming!

But by far the most exciting news is the return of our Sales Manager Sarah who will be back in August. The smart ones amongst you will realise that it is, of course, Sarah writing this blog. I have retunred, in the background, to help out with a few bits and bobs. Ablyss is so busy and motherhood clearly just isn't keeping me busy enough!

I'll sign off for now, but first, everyone at Ablyss would like to wish you the most prosperous 2017.

Care Control Systems For Care Homes

Managing a care home has never been more complex, so any system that helps with day to day management tasks is to be welcomed. In addition to providing care home owners with a care control system that encompasses both administrative tasks and all the data associated with resident care, the Ablyss Care Management System also simplifies record keeping and report production.

The CMS Desktop software can be customised for any size of home and type of care provision. It features tools to simplify staff management, such as training records and employee reviews, rotas and absence tracking. Shift handover notes and diary reminders help with the day to day running of the home.

Accident and incident reports affecting both staff and residents can be recorded and analysed, so that any areas of concern can be identified.

Resident records include admission and discharge details, care plans, medical notes and all the records that would previously have been written by hand. Risk assessments and audits can be designed to suit the individual needs of each home, and templates are provided to ensure that records are accessible and easy to read.

The care control system software is updated regularly so that it complies with all current regulations, and support is available for any queries that arise.

Ablyss care control systems are also available in a touch screen version, CMS Touch, which can be simpler for care assistants unfamiliar with computer keyboards to use. This complements the CMS Desktop and the inbuilt templates make completing records much quicker.

Finally, the CMS Tablet is one of the most convenient care control systems available. It is lightweight and can be carried to where the care is being delivered, so data can be viewed and recorded at the bedside. Further advantages of using this tablet are the improved battery life and the fact that it is so cost effective in comparison with a PC.

How to Improve Care Home Records

One of the obstacles faced by Care Home staff is the time-consuming completion of paperwork to meet regulatory requirements. This paperwork includes detailed records for staff, patient care and medication. A good quality Care Management System (CMS), that could be used to improve Care Home records maintenance, should have the following attributes. It should be user friendly for staff to understand and use routinely, personalised for an individual Care Home, and be flexible enough to cover all regulatory requirements and local policies.

Care Home records for staff include absence tracking, training and rotas. A good CMS system ensuring this information is readily available and shared would improve efficiency and staff knowledge about these issues.

Client Care records include care plans, risk assessments and daily care notes. With a good CMS, the amount of time taken to record such details as patient routines (getting up, getting dressed, eating, night checks) would be greatly reduced. When this information is available electronically, there is a reduced risk of papers getting mislaid, less difficulty in deciphering handwritten details, and reduced stationery costs.

A clients medication record must include details such as the dose and amount of each medication, how and when it should be taken, and special requirements such as if it should be taken with food or not. The medication record can be personalised to include any patient allergies to drugs, or when drug reviews are due. A good CMS can be adapted to ensure accurate medication records are maintained for each client.

A good CMS should enable care home staff to spend less time on paperwork and more time with residents. The CMS should be secure to ensure patient confidentiality, reassure relatives about the level of care of clients, and ultimately improve the quality of Care Home records.