Diverse Services choose Blyssful residential care software to manage personalised, supported living for adults

Diverse Services choose Blyssful by Ablyss

Supported living provider, Diverse Services, shares why Blyssful by Ablyss was their choice for an “everything online” care management solution for their highly personalised supported living for adults who have mental health support needs.

Their managing director, Sukhbir Singh, outlines how the Ablyss supported an easy, customised implementation of the system as well as effective staff training, allowing them to efficiently support and track their residents’ bespoke goals from day one and achieve impressive business growth.

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Realising growth with an "everything online" personalised care management model from Blyssful

For Sukhbir Singh, Diverse Services’ Managing Director, it was witnessing the lack of understanding of mental health issues in minority communities during his childhood that gave him an interest in the health and social care sector.

It was a very natural step for Sukhbir to work in the residential care sector, where he gained more than a decade of experience managing care services before taking the leap to set up his own services.

Sukhbir Singh, Diverse Services Managing Director
Sukhbir Singh, Managing Director of Diverse Services.

In 2022, Diverse Services was established with the core aim of developing a high-quality, highly personalised offering to vulnerable adults in need of supported living services due to mental health support needs.

Based in London, Diverse Services now offers supported living across eight properties for vulnerable adults aged 18 to 65.

Having witnessed first-hand the inefficiencies of managing care provisions through paper-based systems, from the outset Sukhbir had a clear vision for delivering business growth through an efficient “everything online” business model.

Due to the highly bespoke nature of the service delivery that Diverse Services planned to offer, it was clear that a highly customisable digital care management system was required to achieve his company vision.

Implementing an efficient and customisable care management system

Sukhbir reached out to Ablyss founder and director, Sally White, at just the right time. Sally was looking for companies ready to pilot their new cloud-based care management system, Blyssful.

On seeing the extensive personalisation offered by Blyssful, Sukhbir was confident that Blyssful could meet the requirements of his business.

Diverse Services was able to implement its Blyssful care management system, with the support of Ablyss, before the service was running. This provided the perfect opportunity to fully customise the system for the highly bespoke offering that was to come.

The standard Blyssful care package offered plenty of time with the Abyss team to set everything up to the exacting requirements of Diverse Services. This included the customised set up of the Observation Charts feature, using appropriate and user friendly images, and creating bespoke site assessments to help Sukhbir manage auditing checks at each of his properties.

Being part of the Blyssful pilot process also meant that Sukhbir was able to offer valuable user perspective in the design phase of the Accident and Incident module, ensuring this was flexible to meet his service’s needs. Here’s what Sukhbir had to say about his experience with Ablyss customer support:

“The customer support at Ablyss is fantastic. They have good response times and stick to what they promise. I would recommend Ablyss – and Sally and her team – without hesitation.”

For Diverse Services, Staff training was straightforward and took just a couple of sessions, with video tutorials further enabling the team to get up to speed.

Sukhbir acknowledges that implementation was was particularly easy for them as their business was not operating at the time, but notes that getting the right people in was crucial for this:

“Your team needs to be willing to learn the system, even if it is an unfamiliar way of working for them. If the attitude is right, the training is pretty easy.”

Achieving outstanding business growth using an “everything online” care management model

Since opening their doors in November 2022, Diverse Services has expanded to eight properties and has supported more than 100 residents, with more growth to come.

Undoubtedly, much of the success is down to the hard work of the Diverse Services team. However, Sukhbir believes that the success would not have been possible without his vision for an “everything online” business model realised using Bylssful care management software.

Key to Diverse Services’ success was a highly customisable system that allowed them to evidence the progress made towards their residents’ individual and diverse goals. Sukhbir had this to say about Blyssful’s customisable goals feature:

“The Goals feature is fantastic. To be able to set bespoke goals for each individual and have a numerical value against them makes it so easy to track progress.”


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With thanks to Sukhbir Singh, Managing Director of Diverse Services.

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