Elizabeth & Roberta House

“It’s not technology for technology’s sake. Irrefutably, it helps us to deliver a much better service to our clients.”

Background & requirements

Established around 30 years ago, Elizabeth and Roberta House occupy a split site but are run as one unit, which has caused difficulties in the past. Rod Tarry, a partner in the business, explained “When we were paper based, we literally would have to walk over to the other house to deliver a message or have a conversation, which was obviously very time consuming.”

They knew it was time to look at their processes and spent a number of months investigating the software market. “At first I couldn’t find anything to suit our set up, as we had to operate as a single site”, explained Rod. “We almost went with another software company but it wasn’t quite right for the business.”

“I was then put in touch with Sally White at Ablyss and, because we were able to adapt the system to suit our needs, we chose Ablyss CMS.”


Ablyss CMS has been running in Elizabeth and Roberta House since 2008, and the general belief is that they wouldn’t be in their specialised sector without it. “It’s an intuitive system and our people got to grips with it really quickly”, explained Rod.

“It’s transformed the way we work. We have a real mixture of care support workers here with different levels of expertise, length of service, and all of different ages. I can honestly say that nobody has had any problems using it.”

“Without CMS we simply couldn’t deliver the support we offer. It offers a multitude of returns but in other formats. For example, before we used CMS the average shift for a care support worker was 12 hours. Of that 12 hours, on average, 8 hours was spent giving resident support, with 4 hours being spent on paperwork”.

“Now, with CMS, that 12 hour shift costs the business the same in cash terms but now 10 hours are spent giving resident support with just 2 hours on record keeping. What would relatives prefer to see, more time spent with their loved ones or on a professional report? The beauty of CMS is that we can offer both.”

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