“Ablyss CMS has definitely helped us to improve the quality of care across our homes.”

Background & requirements

Excelcare currently have 32 care homes in their portfolio and offer a wide range of care, including residential, nursing, and domiciliary care. Ablyss CMS was initially installed in one of their care homes as part of a free 30 day trial.

The group reviewed two systems, and CMS was ultimately chosen because they felt that the user was able to have more input with CMS. CMS is now used across all 32 of Excelcare’s homes.

Penny Howard, Head of Care, explained, “The right system for us needed to allow as much user input as possible; while still remaining quick and easy to use. The other systems we looked at added comments automatically, but we wanted our users to be able to add their own comments, so data was unrestricted and person centred.”


Because CMS is so simple to use, the majority of staff were up to speed with it very quickly. Penny explained, “Generally most people embraced the system because they were able to see the benefits so quickly.”

Penny outlined three key areas where CMS had made a real positive difference for them:

  • Evidencing care – “We have the ability to store and record so much data … if a care-worker forgets to add a comment, it’s likely we will find evidence of the action somewhere else in the system.”
  • Interactions – “CMS shows the very detailed interaction we have with our residents, especially during the night.”
  • Organisation – “We are far more organised … We don’t have to file papers, buy stationery, search for files, or generally waste time on record keeping.”

Penny concludes, “Ablyss CMS has definitely helped us to improve the quality of care across our homes.”

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