St Omer Residential Home

“I was immediately struck by the intuitive way in which it had been built, & the breadth of the functionality it supported.”

Background & requirements

St Omer Residential Home, based in Torquay, Devon, is a 28 bed home that specialises in dementia care. Their current care management system, although flexible, was not functionally comprehensive, nor up to date with care planning, risk assessments, or care recording in general.

After some research, owner, Ian Day came across the Care Management System from Ablyss. “Immediately I was struck by the intuitive way in which it had been built and the breadth of the functionality it supported”, explained Ian. “I was also impressed with the industry knowledge of the people at Ablyss – they actually seemed to understand the environment in which their application was designed to work!”

Ian decided to take advantage of our free 30 day trial and within three hours he had the software installed on their server and operating on all the PCs and laptops within their care home. After receiving positive feedback from his team, Ian decided to go ahead with purchasing CMS.


Ablyss CMS is delivered as a fully working system that is completely customisable, if required. Ian customised his CMS, so that it truly catered for the needs of his business. He didn’t just use it to replace his current system but incorporated all of his business processes and completely removed the need for paper from the business.

“Everyone who works here is comfortable with the system”, explained Ian. “Because the whole team feels confident with CMS there has been no resistance to it, and that is half the battle with change.”

For St Omer the cost benefit has been hugely positive. Ian estimates that the time he spent initially customising CMS has been repaid 5 times over in the first 8 months. “I now have a complete audit function”, explained Ian. “I can see instantly what has and hasn’t been done and even know when my team have read messages or implemented new procedures.”

Ian used to spend around 10 hours per month checking on compliance. The installation of CMS has reduced this to 3 hours per month. Ian concludes, “All in all we are delighted with how using CMS has benefitted our care home. What a great asset, allowing us to spend more time on providing great care.”

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