Facilities Management

Our facilities management module assists you in organising and planning resources and maintenance tasks required within your facility.

This module covers a broad cross-section of areas, from assets, readings, and repairs, through to Health & Safety and Governance, all managed through an integrated dashboard.


Manage your asset register.

Link assets to areas or rooms within your home, residents, or other related assets.


Record readings against your assets.

From fridge temperatures, to vehicle mileage and meter readings, Ablyss CMS allows you to record and monitor your assets.


Document ongoing actions around your home.

From risk management, asset maintenance, and health & safety compliance, the logbook allows you to record entries against a group or specific categories, such as assets or rooms.

Making use of our bespoke assessments to create templates such as cleaning schedules and maintenance jobs means that you can spot trends and obtain a greater overall insight.


Record and plan repairs jobs within your home

A facility to monitor and control repairs from detected faults, maintenance observations, and remedial actions.

Schedule and assign repairs to a person responsible and, if required, a supplier.

Provides a workflow from initial job, diagnosis, estimates, scheduling, and job completion.


Control of substances hazardous to health.

Provides a clear, comprehensive picture of your COSHH compliance. Schedule reviews of your risk assessments and upload manufacturer safety data sheets.

Inspections & compliance

Manage your health and safety inspections.

Track legal or other compliance related tasks and assign follow-up activities. Attach certificates to seamlessly connect all of your data.


Manage your supplier address book and find your approved suppliers easily.

Linking suppliers to industry categories ensures that you assign the correct supplier to repairs and compliance.


Schedule and track readings and logbook activities.

Ablyss CMS allows you to set review dates or create maintenance routines to ensure that important actions, such as cleaning routines, fire safety, and fridge temperatures are never missed.

With alerts prompting you and showing missed routines, keeping on top of your documentation has never been easier.

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