Integration solutions

We understand that care homes may require many different tools to run efficiently.

Our partnership programme means that you can effectively integrate your other software systems with Ablyss CMS, meaning that key information is always current and only ever entered once.

Our current partners:

Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare brings you the most intelligent approach to managing quality and compliance related activity in the healthcare sector, bringing together your many operational and often complex processes into just one system.

Integrating your Radar Healthcare software with Ablyss CMS means that you can import and manage all of your quality and compliance information in one system. Everything is assigned with full audit trails, so you can be sure nothing is missed.


ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency.

Integrating your ATLAS eMAR with Ablyss CMS means that all of your residents’ medicine information can be imported and displayed within CMS, ensuring their medication needs are always current and only ever entered once.

Electronic MAR eMAR

Electronic MARTM is easy to use, and quick to train, and gives you peace of mind that your medication records are complete and accurate. You do not need to change pharmacy provider to use Electronic MAR, and all training and support is included.

Integrating your Electronic MARTM solution with Ablyss CMS means real-time medication information and rounds status can be displayed on your Ablyss CMS dashboard, making managing medication easier and saving you time.

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