Our residents module sits at the heart of the system and helps you to evidence the care you provide.

This module covers many aspects but its main strength is its flexibility.

Care plans

Record, assess, and review your residents’ care plans and provide personalised care planning at its very best. With Ablyss CMS you can create a bespoke care package unique to each of your residents and their individual needs and requirements.

The CMS App ensures that your staff always have access to the most up to date care plans, ensuring continuous delivery of safe and effective person centred care.

Daily care notes

Daily care notes can be completed quickly and easily on our CMS App. Make use of bespoke daily care assessments to help ensure that all aspects of a resident’s daily care needs from activities to turn charts are evidenced at point of delivery.


Our Assessment Builder means that you can design your own templates or use industry standard ones to help spot trends and provide you with a greater overall insight.

Score ratings are automatically charted to show you, at a glance, how your residents’ needs have changed over time. Reports are available for all, or individual residents.

Vitals, health & wellbeing

From weights to fluids, Ablyss CMS allows you to create your own charts for monitoring, and use our Body Map for wound management.

Support health and wellbeing by effectively keeping track of your residents’ individual dietary needs and preferences. Additionally, prevent infection and promote good health by monitoring weights, fluid intake and output, and by setting alert levels.

Wound and cream charting with CMS is as quick as dragging and dropping on to a Body Map. With historical photos, a timeline of a wound provides accurate evidence of care.

Read requests

Evidence when staff have read care plans and risk assessments. With Ablyss CMS you can enable read requests when a care plan is updated. Senior users can be reassured that all staff have read, and are working to the most up to date information.


Ablyss CMS includes simple to use tools and templates to support and demonstrate your compliance with the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) legislation. This includes Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), or Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) and Mental Capacity Assessments.


With Ablyss CMS you can easily keep track of your residents’ finances and expenditure.

Emotion mapping

Record and monitor changes in emotions.

CMS emotion mapping allows staff to easily record a resident’s mood by selecting the relevant emoji from a drop down menu. These emojis are of course customisable to your home and resident’s own needs.


Document all of your residents’ medical requirements.

With the ability to integrate with popular eMAR software, you can automatically update all of your resident’s medication and provide information on which medication has been taken and/or refused.

eMAR integrations


Set review dates or create care routines to ensure that important data such as turning charts and fluid intake are never missed.

With alerts prompting you and showing missed routines, keeping on top of your documentation has never been easier.

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