Development news - CMS 7.2

CMS 7.2 has now been rolled out to everyone with positive feedback

We have particularly received positive feedback regarding the new Body Map with the options for creams and admission snapshot, and the Complaints/Suggestions section which also records compliments and concerns.

To get the most out of these units, we have created two new video tutorials, which can be accessed via the CMS Help menu.

Some customers have mentioned a few small issues with CMS 7.2 and so we have made some changes and created a new release. This is only a minor release and updating will not cause any disruption to other users.

Some additional changes in the final update for Release 7.2 build 2, available from the 16th of March, are:

  • Risk Assessment – attachment link has been made more visible
  • Employee NOK – this was not displaying on the contacts page
  • Employee Contacts – automatic archive contacts when archiving the employee
  • Body Map – add a daily care note when logging a new body map
  • MCA – review of the previous assessment answers; maximum time between reviews
  • Report Packs – now allows for more than 40 reports
  • Messages – slow to load

A late addition to the release is a re-engineered CMS Monitor Service which will use less of your network resources when checking for newer files.

For a full summary of all changes please read our release notes which are updated with each build.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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