New Release - CMS 7.2.1

CMS 7.2 revision 1

Following on from very positive feedback about our accident and incident analysis and emotion overview, we are planning an interim release of CMS. This release will also allow us to roll out our integration service in preparation for users of Invatech’s eMar system.

This release is designed to run alongside the current version, so will not cause any disruption, allowing users to upgrade at their own pace. As usual customer’s will be notified over a phased period, but the new version will be available to download from Tuesday 11th August.

For further information please download our CMS 7.2.1 Release Notes.

New features

Atlas Invatech eMar

This is the first of our integration programs. With Invatech data, residents are cross matched between the two systems using an NHS number. The following information is fed through from the eMAr system to CMS:

  1. Medication
  2. Administration Notes. You will have the option to record successfully administered drugs, unsuccessfully administered drugs, or both.

Emotion Analysis

With Emotion Mapping Analysis you will be able to gain a graphical view either across the whole home or for an individual resident within a specified date range.

The changing emotions of one resident over a period of time.

Incident Analysis

With the new Accident and Incident Analysis screen you will be able to gain a graphical overview based on either:

  • Incident categories
  • Locations
  • Selected tick boxes, for example, CQC notifications, Police Informed, and Deaths as shown below.
  • Time of day
  • Gender breakdown

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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