Ablyss CMS new features

Ablyss CMS new features

In between major releases, we often upload smaller releases that allow us to make minor changes to the system or to fix any bugs that we have been made aware of.

Every time we release an update, we also publish release notes. You can also access these at any time from within CMS by selecting the Help menu and clicking Release Notes.

Some of the new features that we have introduced since the launch of CMS 8.0 are:

  • Employee Reviews, Employee Assessments, Accidents & Incidents, and Complaints now have default record access. Read Specific Record Permissions overview to find out more.
  • To give you more control and to prevent a user from inadvertently updating CMS, we have added additional control measures to prevent this. Some of our large groups may find this feature useful. This is accessed via a new option in Tools > Settings > Enterprise Settings > Settings > CMS Updating – Allow CMS to be upgraded by Ablyss Only.
  • Ability to set a default repair status In Admin > Admin > Facilities > Repair Status.
  • Additional column on the resident list that displays the number of custom assessments.
  • Ability to amend an existing MCA assessment date. In Tools > Settings > Home Settings > Settings > Reviews / Default Dates. If checked then a user will be able to amend the MCA assessment date.
  • All resident reports, that have a resident summary header, will now show the NHS number. The Status and AIS symbols will also be printed under the resident photo.

We encourage those homes that have not yet updated to the latest release to do so.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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