Care home residents join The Big Draw art festival

Care home residents join The Big Draw art festival

It’s long been known that art and creating are incredibly therapeutic. Becoming immersed in creating something is a powerful form of mindfulness and meditation.

Drawing is a great hobby for all, including older people and those living with dementia. As well as the physical benefits, from increased motor skills to improved co-ordination, creative activities, such as drawing and painting, can really boost cognitive function and even reduce the development of a wide range of memory conditions.

Despite their usual shaky hands, this bunch of residents at a care home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, embraced getting involved with The Big Draw, a month-long worldwide art festival celebrating the power of drawing.

Residents and staff at the care home in Cheltenham, proudly present their fabulous artwork.

From the Mona Lisa to van Gogh’s The Starry Night… these care home residents first studied the original artwork to ensure their poses were an accurate portrayal. Once captured, a photo of the “artist” was printed and photocopied before being glued to its famous background.

The paintings are now proudly hanging within the care home for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

Article by Sarah Beamish
Training & Marketing Consultant

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