Bisto Together Project

Can you spare a chair this Christmas for the Bisto Together Project?

The Bisto Together Project

With the festivities about to begin, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of present buying, card wrapping, and food planning. This is why Bisto and Contact the Elderly choose this time of year to remind us that Christmas is not a happy time for some people.

A staggering 4 million people will spend this Christmas day alone. That’s a shocking and very sad statistic. Over 57% of us have lost contact with our relatives, and many more will be spending the day alone due to work or other life commitments. This is why Bisto and Contact the Elderly are reaching out to let as many people as possible know about their Together Project.

The campaign does not just apply to the elderly members of our society. Over 13% of Brits suffer from loneliness every day of the year. Given that 1 in 3 of us don’t even know our neighbours, chances are that someone not too far from our own homes faces an empty house and an empty life day after day.

Should we all remember the less commercial side of Christmas and focus on “goodwill to all men”? Us lucky ones will be spending the day surrounded by family, laughter, and happiness. Even if only for one day, could we open up our hearts and our homes and share that with someone else?

The Bisto Together Project are able to pair up volunteers with those in need of a family for Christmas. For further information visit where you will also find information on Spare Chair Sunday which aims to raise awareness that we could make a big difference to someones life all year around.

We don’t need the Bisto Together Project to make that difference. Look around your own streets and neighbourhoods. Extend the warmth and good tidings of the season to those on your own doorstep who may be facing a Christmas thats just another lonely day.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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