CMS new features

CMS new features

We are always receiving feedback on how we can make CMS even better. As usual, we have listened and the following new features have been released:

Maximum Fluid Intake

To date, CMS has only allowed you to enter a recommended fluid intake target. With a recommended fluid target set, CMS uses a traffic light system to indicate if a service user is on target to reach their recommended fluid intake for the day, as follows:

  • Green- the service user is on target,
  • Flu

  • Red – the service user is behind target.

We have now also introduced a maximum fluid intake level for a service user. This will also use a traffic light system and will work as follows:

  • Green – the service user is below their maximum target,
  • Amber – the service user is within 80% of their maximum target,
  • Red- the service user is exceeded their maximum target.

Food Charts

We have also made a small change to how a food chart entry is recorded. It is now possible to select “Spoonfuls” for the amount eaten.

Custom Reports

We have added extra security to custom reports. Since these reports can be used to pull data from all of CMS, some users have requested the ability to set additional access rights. Access rights can be now set at the individual or user profile level.


We announced last month that we were due to release a new feature on the CMS Tablet app that would give you the ability to record new possessions and add photos to existing ones.

This feature was released at the start of January. Please note, that the CMS Tablet Service will need to be updated in addition to the app. Please speak with our support team if you need any assistance with the update.

If you’re new to Ablyss CMS, and would like further information about our comprehensive, on-premises care home software, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.

Article by Helen Launchbury
Care & Training Specialist

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