CMS version 8.1 release details

CMS version 8.1 release details

We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated release of CMS version 8.1 is set for 7th June 2022.

We have pushed this release date back a couple of weeks, past the extended Jubilee bank holiday weekend, so that we can be prepared to offer full support, should you need help, in the initial days following the release.

We will be controlling the release of this update, so you will be notified over the course of two weeks from the release date, but you are free to download the update at any time from 7th June.

As this is a busy release, we will be running a series of online workshops to help you get to grips with the new features.

Overview & NEW Manager’s Dashboard

Active monitoring of your residents’ health is essential for detecting and addressing any change in their risk category and, therefore, overall wellbeing. With this in mind, CMS version 8.1 features a NEW Manager’s Dashboard.

The new Dashboard provides on-demand access to the status of your residents’ fundamental care data. We have also introduced a NEW Chart Module, designed to give you an easy and effective method for recording and monitoring a resident’s repositioning, food, and fluid charts.

The Manager’s Dashboard provides you, in real time, with a detailed overview of your residents’ health and wellbeing. It helps to ensure that critical care tasks are performed in a timely fashion, or investigated and followed up if missed.

This release is not just about the Manager’s Dashboard and Resident Charts; we have also been busy enhancing the current CMS system to ensure that information regarding your residents and their care is seamlessly provided.

Some of the other new features include:

  • Automatic Task/Alert creation from triggers
  • Accidents and Incidents – flag if family have been informed
  • Employee Appraisal Archive
  • Short- and long-term Care Plans
  • Home Audits and Assets attachments
  • A simplified approach for archiving Care Plans and Risk Assessments

Please download our CMS Version 8.1 Release Notes for full details.

You can also still download our presentation to learn more about the new features we’re introducing to CMS.

If you are new to Ablyss CMS, and would like further information about our CMS care home software, or to arrange your free demonstration, please contact us.

Article by Helen Launchbury
Care & Training Specialist

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