Development news - Ablyss CMS version 8.0

Development news - Ablyss CMS version 8.0

We are pleased to announce that development of the Facilities Management module (formerly known as Home Maintenance) is completed, and is currently undergoing rigorous testing.

As you can imagine, we require all our support staff at our office during a release, so that they can answer your calls immediately. If the government road map progresses as planned, we will all be back working in the office at the end of May. We will therefore be making the release available for download from the 1st June.

For further information please download our CMS 8.0 Release Notes.

This release is not just about the highly anticipated Facilities Management module, we have also been busy enhancing the current CMS system to ensure that information regarding your residents and their care is seamlessly provided.

Accident & Incident wizard

As part of the next CMS software release, there is an update to our Accident & Incident wizard, including a new layout and some additional features.

Set access rights

The new release will allow you to specify which employees can view the record. Access rights can be set either at the individual employee level or at a user profile level. This feature will be of particular benefit for highly sensitive incidents or those recorded against an employee.

Set access rights at either an individual employee level or at a user profile level.


When you select Did an Injury occur?, the new wizard will force you to enter details about the injury. Body map entries can only be recorded if this is checked and the incident is recorded against a resident.

Accident or incident follow up

When creating an accident or incident record, you previously had the option to enter multiple review dates. This feature has been simplified to allow only one review date. Once an accident or incident review has been followed up (see point below), the user can either set a new review date or select Confirm no further actions are required.


The review process has also been improved. You will be notified from both the shift handover and diary, as before, but when reviewing the incident, the complete incident will be opened rather than a brief summary. Once reviewed, you can choose to enter an additional follow up date or mark the record as complete.

Accident & incident on the App

You will now be able to record accidents or incidents on the CMS App.

Record accidents or incidents on the CMS App.

New release online workshops

Watch this space for information on a new set of online workshops focused around the new release. In the meantime, for further information please download our CMS 8.0 Release Notes.

Article by Synesius Zindere
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