Grandma sets a new Guinness World Record as a powerlifter

Grandma sets a new Guinness World Record as a powerlifter

Edith Murway-Traina is one (great great) grandmother you would not want to mess with. At the age of 98 years and 94 days, she has entered the Guinness World Record book as the oldest female competitive powerlifter, after deadlifting 150 pounds.

New York born Edith has always kept herself fit, having been a dance instructor and performer in her younger years. In the pursuit of remaining in top shape, she joined a gym 9 years ago.

Edith says, “I saw all these other ladies lifting weights, and it looked interesting. I picked up a couple of weights and had to prove to myself that I could accomplish this”, and she did! Soon enough Edith was on a team competing in senior events and bringing home awards and accolades.

Edith explained, “When you pull a bar up and you lift it, there’s a certain power that you experience that is only yours. It belongs to you.”

Edith puts her drive down to her previous life in the public eye. The enjoyment of the limelight, applause, and feedback spurring her on to keep going.

Edith appreciates that her current notoriety largely has to do with her advanced age, but as long as she can be a positive role model who blows the “sweet little old lady stereotype” out of the water, she’s fine with that!

Watch Edith in action

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