Grandparents wipe out WiFi for entire village

Grandparents wipe out WiFi for entire Welsh village

In 2020 most of us have become more dependent than ever on reliable WiFi in our homes. With so many of us working from home throughout the Coronavirus crisis, we couldn’t do our daily work without it, so imagine if yours went down from 7am EVERY day?!

This was the situation for the residents of Welsh village Aberhosan. Every morning for 18 months the residents lost their connections.

It remained a mystery until BT OpenReach placed monitoring devices throughout in the village in an attempt to trace the problem. These monitors lead them to the front door of elderly retired villagers Elaine and Alun Rees.

Retired villagers Elaine and Alun Rees.

After a year and a half of interruptions and investigations, it was found that the couples old television set, which they had bought second hand for £30, was emitting a single high-level impulse noise (SHINE), causing electrical interference in other devices.

Retired GP receptionist Elaine tuned in to see her TV hero, Piers Morgan, on Good Morning Britain every morning at 7am, subsequently knocking out the broadband for the 400 village residents.

Elaine and Alun say, “Our son lives next door and he was having building work done so we chucked it on his skip.”

The village now benefits from stable broadband, a relief for all of those working from home for the foreseeable future!

Watch the full Good Morning Britain interview with Elaine and Alun.

Article by Sally White
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