Greetings 2020

A big thank you!

We wanted to take a bit of time to write our thanks to all of our existing, and prospective, customers.

Whilst we have all been “staying at home” to fight coronavirus, that hasn’t been an option for you. You’ve gone out every day and looked after the elderly and vulnerable members of our society, under stressful and extremely difficult circumstances. You’ve risked your own health at work with very limited PPE, sometimes none at all, and you deserve a medal, every single one of you.

The staff of our wonderful NHS have done a remarkable job fighting the virus on the front line, and they quite rightly deserve their weekly clap. However, our Thursday clap is aimed directly at you carers and nurses working in residential homes up and down the country, facing a different battle; keeping your residents as healthy and well as you can, whilst making those who have become infected feel rested and comfortable in what is, sadly, usually their last days. All the while, you have been going home to your own families at the end of the day, with the knowledge you have been in direct contact with the virus, wondering if you are taking the risk with you to your loved ones in your own household. You are truly heroes.

Whilst the majority of us here at Ablyss have remained well, we have had a team member who has faced their own battle against this vile illness, and has experienced first hand the work that the NHS are doing to keep people alive. So many of us are lucky that our biggest problem is scruffy hair and a queue at the supermarket!

Those of you who follow our social media platforms will note that our posts have taken a new direction. You are working so hard that we know it’s not the right time to try and “sell” to our audience. Instead, we are trying to do what we can to lighten the mood and give you a smile. We are focusing on up-beat happy news stories and trying to give you a weekly laugh with videos, cartoon strips, and quizzes.

If you’re not already following us on either Facebook or Twitter then please do and let us cheer up your day.

We have also paused our online and magazine advertising for the time being. Instead, we have been using our budget in different ways. One of those is with “postcards of kindness”. With residents feeling more isolated than ever our staff are taking the time to write postcards with the intention of engaging your residents and giving them some different focus. We hope those who have received them have enjoyed reading them.

Business, however, does not stop entirely. We are still receiving enquiries for CMS. It may be some time before we are able to visit you and show you what CMS has to offer so, in the meantime, we are offering virtual demonstrations, all you need is a computer screen and an internet connection! Just contact our office on 01625 535685 if you would like to arrange one.

The same goes for our existing customers who feel they need some training. Covid-19 has meant that the system is needed for use in areas which you may not have accessed before. If you need any help then call us on the number above to book a convenient time. We all know that we will beat this virus, and we will, tentatively, move back towards normal life. Until then, stay well and stay strong.

Article by The Ablyss Team

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