Life after death?

Miriam Margoyles goes on a journey to face her fears of dying

I’m sure you’ve all watched the recent episode of Life After Death with the irrepressible Miriam Margoyles? If not, I urge you to give it a view!

The series sees Miriam going on a journey to face her fears of dying. The first episode begins in a care home in the UK, specialising in caring for those with advanced dementia. We all know it exists, a few have personal experiences, but not many of us actually face it.

Miriam’s stay in the beautiful Wren Hall care home in Nottinghamshire, opened her eyes to the very real facts of the illness. Seeing how it can wipe out a whole person, how it effects their loved ones, and her reaction was very understandably fear. In her own words “I’m scared of loosing myself”, a fear bigger than death or dying, a fear of living physically but not entirely mentally and emotionally.

Miriam Margoyles goes on a journey to face her fears of dying in Life After Death

At Ablyss, I visit homes regularly and see dementia first hand. On my very first visit to a home, I think my reaction was very similar to Miriam’s, and that fear does not subside at all despite how many times you meet individuals who have dementia and their families.

I too am petrified of dementia, I’m scared for myself, I’m scared for my loved ones, and hope that I will never see it effect either myself or someone I love. Unrealistic, I know.

The programme must have indeed instilled fear into many of the UK population but, sadly, it did not put enough emphasis on the amazing work done by truly amazing people in these care homes, people who are probably fighting their own fears daily.

Miriam comments on how excellent the home and it’s staff are, but it would have been nice to show some of the less intimidating signs of living in a home with dementia. They can be happy places, and can be full of laughter and fun. It will be interesting to see where the series goes.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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