Mind full or mindful?

Mindfulness - what is it and is it something we should be incorporating into the care home sector?

Mindfulness. It’s the latest craze and we’re seeing it everywhere, but what is it and is it something we should be incorporating into the care home sector?

In many ways we already are. Mindfulness is all about focusing the mind on to what we are doing right now, living in the exact moment we are in, and not allowing past or future thoughts to interfere. For most, it is a difficult skill to master, but there are activities we can incorporate to help.

Colouring is a very popular option, and no doubt you have seen the adult colouring books in most shops. In fact any craft activity where you need to concentrate could be considered a from of mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

The benefits are huge, focusing the mind relieves stress, it can ease depression, help us feel calmer, and perform better – something care staff and residents could do with, but what about people who have dementia?

There are now studies being undertaken to see if mindfulness can improve the symptoms of dementia. So far this has only been done with those in the early stages of the condition, but the results have been positive.

Taking mindfulness a step further, it is now possible to run mindfulness meditation sessions, either with the help of a DIY pack, app or with a tutor. Is this something that should be incorporated into our weekly activities schedule? Perhaps it’s worth thinking about. For further information please visit CarewatchCare’s article.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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