Postcards of kindness

Postcards of kindness

Have you heard of Postcards of Kindness? Now, more than ever, residents in care homes around the UK (and further afield) are feeling lonely and isolated having lost their contact with the outside world and their families.

Postcards of Kindness is a group created by care home owners, designed to help alleviate loneliness, encourage engagement, and bring some happiness to their residents.

Send a Postcard of Kindness.

The group have complied a list of more than 1700 homes with residents who would like to receive postcards from anyone willing to send them. We are so proud to be a part of this.

Our staff are taking it in turns to write postcards, telling the recipient a little bit about their lives, their families, and their own ways of coping with lockdown and quarantine. We are pleased to say, to date, we have sent over 250 postcards with more on their way!

If you would like to get involved, then visit the Postcards of Kindness Facebook Group to sign up to receive postcards, or to find out where you can send yours to.

As an existing Ablyss customer, if you would like to receive a postcard from one of our staff members, just get in touch to let us know.

We know that a few simple and honest paragraphs can really brighten someone’s day. Get involved!

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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