CMS Care Management Module


Care Management

Our care management module gives you a deeper insight in to your business activities.

By making use of our shift handover, filtering, and breakdown views you will find yourself better informed and empowered to evidence your care.

Shift handover

Make shift handovers a breeze, and strengthen staff communication. Ablyss CMS analyses your care documentation and ensures you never miss a review.

Home diaries

All appointments and reviews in one place.

As well as individual resident and staff diaries, you can view everyone’s appointments and reviews in one place and set diary reminders.

Policies & procedures

One central location for all your policies.

Make your policies accessible to all staff and evidence which employees have read them.

Care analysis

Help to identify trends and triggers.

Provides useful overviews and analysis that help you to spot patterns in your residents’ care.

Accidents & incidents

Monitor all events and submit notifications to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Log all incidents, accidents, and safeguarding issues for any residents or staff. Use CMS to help implement a more proactive and responsively run home.

Compliments & complaints

A central area to log both compliments and complaints, with built in templates to ensure a structured approach is followed and any necessary investigations are logged.


Ablyss CMS allows you to set review dates or create care routines to ensure that important data such as turning charts and fluid intake are never missed.

With alerts prompting you and showing missed routines, keeping on top of your documentation has never been easier.

Auditing & reporting

A care management information system to complete your needs.

Full audit trail, logging all data changes and employee usage with security levels to manage access rights to resident or employee records.

Extensive built in reports, plus bespoke reporting for your unique auditing needs. Plus, create your own report packs, such as the hospital ‘Red Bag’.

Our values

At Ablyss we’re guided in everything we do by five key values; integrity, innovation, respect, excellence, and service.

We want to ensure that your best interests and needs are at the centre of the services that we provide.
We know that you put your trust in us to provide a service that is reliable, honest, and caring, and we believe that our values are reflected in this.

Want to hear more?

Helping residential care providers be the best they can be.

Our process


With our industry knowledge and expertise, we will have you up and running in no time.


We have many different training tools from videos to online and onsite training. Just choose a care package to suit your needs.


With a fully UK based customer support team, we are on hand to help you customise your system or answer your questions.


We run regular online customer workshops to introduce you to other users and broaden your knowledge.


Our customers

If you need further persuasion, why not read some of our customers’ stories and reviews?

Diverse Services

“The customer support at Ablyss is fantastic. I would recommend Ablyss without hesitation.”

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Hillcroft Nursing Homes

“There has been a genuine willingness to use CMS as the care staff could really see the benefit of using it.”

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St Omer Residential Home

“I was immediately struck by the intuitive way in which it had been built, & the breadth of the functionality it supported.”

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“Ablyss CMS has definitely helped us to improve the quality of care across our homes.”

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Alpha Care Healthcare Group

“Sally and the team are absolutely brilliant to work with, we couldn’t be happier with the service that we receive.”

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Halcyon House

“Completing a review used to take us 2 hours; it's just 10 minutes using CMS. That’s freeing up valuable time for care.”

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Wentworth Court

“It’s been revolutionary to find a system that is so amazingly simple to use, making our workload easier & quicker to complete.”

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Woodside Lodge

“Shift handover takes 10 minutes now and the staff complain they haven't had time to finish their coffee.”

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Spring Grove

“After seeing the software in full swing, the decision to go with Ablyss CMS was inevitable.”

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The Poplars

“Probably one of the best investments we have made in the 35 years we have been running our care home.”

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Prospect House

“We invested in Ablyss CMS a number of years ago, and it has proved to be one of the very best decisions we have made.”

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Elizabeth & Roberta House

“It’s not technology for technology’s sake. Irrefutably, it helps us to deliver a much better service to our clients.”

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Read more of our customer testimonials in our case studies.

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