Trainers tips - view specific data with custom reports

View specific data within your CMS using custom reports

Custom reports allow you to view specific data within your CMS. We can create new custom reports in the Admin module under the reports section.

In this example, we will import a report that will produce a list of all non medical based contacts, so that you can send notifications to friends and relatives of your residents.

To import the report click Custom then New Report. You can then copy and paste this code into the SQL area:

    select r.firstname + ‘ ‘ + r.surname as Resident, c2.firstname + ‘ ‘ + c2.surname as Contact, c2.Relationship, c3.Description, c2.Tel1, c2.Tel2, c2.Mobile,, c2.email2
    from tblresidents as r
    inner join tblcontactassociations as c
    on r.residentid = c.residentid
    left join tblcontacts as c2
    on c.contactid = c2.contactid
    inner join tblcontactcategories as c3
    on c.contactcategoryid = c3.ContactCategoryID
    where c3.Medical = 0 and r.archived = 0
    order by r.Surname, r.FirstName asc

View specific data within your CMS using custom reports.

Once you have imported the report, click save and then click execute to view the data.

If you have Microsoft Excel installed, you will also be able to export the report.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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