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“Sally and the team are absolutely brilliant to work with, we couldn’t be happier with the service that we receive.”

Background & requirements

Castlemaine Care Home and Coombe Dingle Nursing Home specialise in dementia care for residents who are in the mild to moderate stages of dementia. The homes form the Alpha Care Healthcare Group and are run and managed by Prash Patel.

Prash installed CMS in 2010, after a thorough period of market research, reviewing all the systems available. “I eventually chose Ablyss CMS because I felt that I could effectively manage it myself.”

“I’m not particularly IT savvy”, explained Prash, “but I could see that personalising the system was easy and was something I could do, hence making the project more affordable.”

“Our homes are based in different areas, and each county’s administrative bodies can ask for different reports or paperwork – I am able to comply easily by using Ablyss CMS.”


Implementing CMS had some unforeseen advantages for Alpha Care. “The transfer over to CMS really formalised our procedures within the homes”, explained Prash. “It centralised everything and really tightened up our internal processes ensuring that we are efficient as we possibly can be.”

“There were a few worries from staff about a new computer system, but I explained that if you can use a mobile and send a text message, you would be able to enter the details into CMS!”

“We find CMS invaluable for when we carry out funding reviews”, explained Prash. “The families of our residents have given us some excellent feedback on the documentation that we can now provide. It gives them confidence in the level of care and support that we offer.”

Prash concludes, “We are extremely satisfied with the support that we receive and the Ablyss team are very approachable and professional. We choose to pay for the annual support and we think the support we receive far outweighs the cost of the support care package.”

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