Woodside Lodge

“Shift handover takes 10 minutes now and the staff complain they haven't had time to finish their coffee.”

Background & requirements

In the heart of the New Forrest, Woodside Lodge has been privately owned and operated since 1983, and has gained a highly esteemed reputation for offering quality assured residential care.

Owners, Mark and Marie Steele had been looking for a new care management system for about five years, and specifically wanted something that allowed information to be entered quickly and easily.

After years of manual processes and hand written record keeping, Mark explained that it was the CMS App that really caught his attention. Woodside Lodge then trialed Ablyss for free, before deciding that this was the system they wanted.

After discussing their home’s requirements with us, Mark explained that he felt that the our team knew what they were talking about and were able to provide great support. With this expertise on hand, Mark felt confident to go ahead with the move from paper to electronic care planning, with Ablyss CMS.


Following installation, Mark found Ablyss CMS straightforward and very easy to use. Mark felt that the professional look, and its ability to be customised was key to its effective implementation into Woodside Lodge.

“Documenting is key”, explained Mark, “and that is what is so great about CMS. You have to be able to document according to CQC, and CMS gives you concise documentation and an audit trail.” Mark added, “We like that CMS is always being developed and is adaptable. Ablyss moves with changes in legislation, vital to ensure we keep up with the times.”

Mark believes that the financial cost of implementing Ablyss CMS was quickly paid back and can specifically be appreciated through employee costs. With greater ease and speed of recording information, staff can spend more time caring for residents and less time on administration duties, reducing the number of staff required on each shift.

“This is an accessible system”, explained Mark, “not only is it quick and easy to log in and then find what you are looking for, but it gives staff the ability to maintain greater detail in their care records.”

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