CMS now integrates with invatech ATLAS e-MAR

CMS now integrates with invatech ATLAS e-MAR

We are ready to shout it from the rooftops that we are now able to integrate with the ATLAS eMAR system, by invatech.

ATLAS stands alone as one of the most successful eMAR systems on the market, so it made perfect sense to work with them to enhance what the Ablyss Care Management System is able to offer.

Some care management systems offer an inbuilt but paired down e-MAR module, but these lack integration with the pharmacy, resulting in potential discrepancies between the pharmacy and the care home’s records.

Atlas, however, integrates with the pharmacy, which results in safe and effective medication recording and stock taking. By integrating with Atlas, we can ensure all medication related data is collated within Ablyss CMS, providing you with greater transparency.

So what does this mean?

Your staff will now be able to see each resident’s medication, and all notes relating to medication that has been administered or refused, from either our desktop application or our mobile app, within each resident’s daily care notes.

The additional benefit being that you can use Ablyss CMS’s extensive reporting capabilities to see the exact data you need from both Ablyss CMS and ATLAS at the exact moment you need it.

We hope that both our existing and new customers will agree that this is a great addition to what Ablyss CMS can provide. That ‘Outstanding’ rating just got even closer…

If you would like to learn more about our integration with invatech ATLAS e-MAR, please contact our customer support, or to view ATLAS in more detail at

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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