Ablyss CMS new Resident features

Ablyss CMS new features

In between major releases, we often upload smaller releases that allow us to make minor changes to the system or to fix any bugs that we have been made aware of. Learn more about some of the new features that we have introduced recently.

Resident list

The resident list can be accessed from the navigation area at the bottom of CMS, by clicking on the dotted button.

The resident list is a great way of gaining a quick overview of your residents. It shows the current status flags in place, as well as the number of care plans and risk assessments.

Now you can also view the number of custom assessments too, to give you an even better overview.

Resident reports

New resident reports summary information.

All resident reports have a summary of the resident at the top, with some basic information. We’ve now added the NHS number to this information, and switched up the way we display the status flags too.

Missed tasks when a resident is hospitalised

Should a resident need to be admitted to hospital, the period of hospitalisation will no longer show as having ‘missed tasks’.

Previously this had not been taken in to consideration, and historical reporting appeared to show missed tasks.

Example showing how the task will now appear on the task list on re-admittance, where a resident is hospitalised on Saturday and readmitted on Tuesday.

We encourage those homes that have not yet updated to the latest CMS release to do so. Please contact customer support should you require any assistance in completing your CMS updates.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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