Archived memories battling loneliness

Archived memories battling loneliness

It’s been a very hard year for our care home residents. Lockdown measures have meant that many have been cut off from their friends, family, and contact with the outside world.

In order to try and combat loneliness, Brian Norris has created Living Memories Online, a website full of historical videos designed to prompt reminiscence and spark conversations with other family members, carers, and residents.

The site includes videos of historical news stories as well as videos showing all aspects of daily life from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.
Brian Norris, founder of Living Memories, explained,”Archive films are a wonderful way of prompting older people to share memories and life experiences. Long-term memory is usually one of their strengths, so reminiscence encourages them to communicate and feel more confident about themselves. This is important in combating isolation, especially now that Covid-19 means many elderly people are unable to access community groups or even see their own families.”

84-year-old great grandmother Noelle Ingham was one of the first to try out the online service. Noelle explained, “When I watch these films and chat about them, they make me feel young again.”

Sparking memories and encouraging communication is important for anyone living with dementia. Shared experiences are a great way to get residents to dip into their own memory archives and form bonds with those around them today. Why not add a “Tea and Memory” session to your weekly activities list and get your residents remembering and talking?

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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