Personalisation in residential care

The importance of personalisation in residential care management

Personalised care is a coordinated approach between health care management, care professionals, and the people that they care for. This joined up system allows residents to take more control over their care plans and decide what best meets their goals to become healthier and happier while in care settings such as supported living.

The more personalised the approach, the higher the quality of care and the more efficient the management. Most importantly, for residents, it puts them at the heart of the operational process, empowering them to have a say in their care in order to live more fulfilling and independent lives.

How Blyssful provides flexibility in personalisation

Personalised care can be achieved easily with Blyssful, the innovative care home management software from Ablyss. The company has drawn from its 20 years of experience in developing and providing solutions to the care industry to build an innovative cloud-based care management system for both new and existing customers.

Its original products have seen resounding success due to their flexibility, customisation features, and huge functionality. This ethos has been carried over to its cloud offering, featuring pioneering, unique, and customisable features, with advanced auditing and analytics tools.

The challenges of care management and solutions through customisation

The management challenges faced by residential care providers include difficulty of reporting because of the limitations of the system set up. This can lead to inaccuracy of recording, inconsistencies across the system, and reporting different factors for each patient. This is reflected in staff spending more time manually recording data on an inefficient system, an ineffective use of their time that could be spent with residents.

Ablyss solutions directly challenge this, designed to be hugely customisable so that they can be tweaked to suit the requirements and goals of individual businesses. Blyssful also allows providers to spot trends and patterns in order to rectify issues quickly and look to introduce preventative measures to solve future problems before they happen.

The wide range of custom features within the Blyssful care management system include:

Translations tool

Not all care providers use the same language, and staff refer to various roles and processes by different terms. To avoid confusion and inaccuracy across the system, wording in the Blyssful software can be edited to ensure continuity of headers, titles, and terminology. The wording of care plans can be adapted and personalised to mirror a resident’s existing plans, but with the correct labels and identifiers to match up with the current software.

Template builder

Care plans can be created using Assessment Templates within the Blyssful system, ensuring that the bespoke needs of each individual are met and planned for.

These templates can meet the needs of many individuals in supported living, whether this is elderly people in residential care homes, or those with long-term physical or mental illnesses and disabilities. The aim is to set bespoke goals which allow them to live as independently as possible, improving their overall wellbeing.

The assessment template feature of Blyssful on a tablet device

Setting up an assessment template with Blyssful.

With Blyssful, residential homes can create a bespoke care package unique to each of its service users, meeting their individual needs and requirements. Custom observation charts help ensure that all aspects of a resident’s daily care needs are evidenced at point of delivery, while the Assessment Builder features custom templates to spot trends and provide a greater overall insight. By individualising residents’ Targets and Objectives, this allows them to focus better on their personal needs and aspirations. Custom charts can also be created using a library of images for common daily events such as washing and dressing.

The advantages of the template builders are:

  • If a care provider is moving from a paper system or a different software to Blyssful, they will have already set up assessments that work for their business. These assessments can be replicated in Blyssful – meaning their existing process is replicated across to the new system seamlessly, with ease for the end user.
  • If a current system is not working for a provider, their assessments can be improved through the flexible customisations that Blyssful offers above other systems.
  • For those creating an assessment plan from scratch, there are a wide range of templates in the Blyssful system that give a good starting point and can be tweaked to meet individual requirements. The Ablyss team can also help providers get set up with assistance through their Enhanced Support Package.

Alerts and triggers

Customisable alerts are set up to ensure that outstanding actions in the care plans are not missed and that the most important tasks can be prioritised. Alerts will have a due date and time, and will be triggered to pop up to the care team as a reminder.

Alerts can be set up for a wide range of factors, from basic to complex. These include:

  • Meal and fluid requirements are met.
  • Hygiene is maintained.
  • Medication administration is completed.
  • Weight changes are monitored.
  • Post Incident monitoring is enforced.
  • Ensuring all required information is logged, such as recording an injury with doctor’s notes and a recovery plan.

Benefits of Blyssful’s personalised care management for residents and care teams:

  • Higher levels of efficiency – time, money, and effort are saved as the system is streamlined to optimise operational performance.
  • Enhanced care – person-centred care plans with alerts and reporting systems allow providers to implement preventative measures, avoiding issues such as infections, and ensuring the highest level of care possible for each resident.
  • Empowered care teams – this streamlined operation gives more confidence to carers on the floor, managers observing overall levels of care, and operations managers monitoring the system, knowing that care management is running as smoothly as possible.
  • The time-saving solutions also give greater autonomy to care teams, allowing them more time with the residents that they are supporting.
  • Residents feel a higher sense of control over their lives, working with staff to meet their individual needs and motivating them to set goals and plans for the future of their care.

Carer sat talking with a care home resident

Personalised care ensures better health outcomes for residents, experiences for staff, and more efficient use of time. Utilising smart care management systems, such as Blyssful by Ablyss, optimises the possibilities of assessment plans to a more tailored and person-centred approach, empowering both care staff and residents to work together to meet the goals of the individual and enhance their well-being across all facets of daily care.

If you would like to find out more about our customisation options, or would like a demonstration with one of our expert team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Article by Sally White
Ablyss Co Founder

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