Although CMS is incredibly easy to use sometimes language barriers or poor typing skills can result in entries taking longer to type than it would do to write the information down. That's why we developed CMS Touch, an innovative addition designed for windows™ PCs to complement the main CMS system.

Key Features

  • The windows™ Touch Screen is easily accessible by all staff.
  • Set templates speed up the time spent recording information, by alleviating the need to type
  • The screen can be linked to an external keyboard or other peripheral if required.
  • The screen is mains powered so there is no concern over charging batteries.
  • The screen size makes for clearer presentation of data and is more receptive to user touch.
  • The machines tend to be more powerful and robust than their handheld counterparts.



CMS Touch has been designed specifically with care assistants in mind to simplify and speed up the time it takes to record ongoing daily care notes. Built in templates gently guide the user through common routines such as getting up and dressed, eating patterns and night checks. As every home is different you can add your own templates or adapt the ones that are provided.

CMS Touch works particularly well when the computer is in a fixed location either on a work top or fixed to the wall. This serves several advantages:

If you would like to compare the main features between the CMS Touch and the CMS Tablet we have a compehensive comparison page Here

Watch this short demonstration to find out more