Multiple Devices

Ablyss CMS includes both our main desktop computer software and CMS App, for portable AndroidTM tablet, or smartphone devices.

The CMS App supports carers to be responsive and deliver safe and effective care.

Lightweight & portable care recording App

The CMS App has been developed specifically with your carers in mind, enabling them to quickly and easily record care at point of delivery and access residents’ up to date information, planned care, and vital records. It is fantastic for supporting person centred care and resident involvement by bringing both care planning and care recording to your resident.

  • Simple and easy for your care staff to use.
  • Time saving, freeing your staff up from paperwork and giving them more time with your residents.
  • Alert driven, allowing managers to lead well and ensure responsive and effective care delivery.
  • Real time recording, making data analysis precise and extremely useful.
  • Emotion mapping at point of care delivery, reflecting a true picture of your resident’s day, enabling analysis of trends and triggers in emotional behaviour.
  • Bespoke daily care assessments and charts, with the ability to build your own templates.
  • Records time spent delivering care with your resident, to evidence dependency levels and support requirements.

Offline capabilities

Uniquely, with Ablyss CMS you can record information using the CMS App in areas without a Wi-Fi connection. This means the carer can view and record data without being directly connected to the database. This will make a big difference to care homes where networking infrastructure is limited. Once the tablet or smartphone comes back into network range, the data will be updated to the main database.

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Our trial is completely free for you to try. At the end of the 30 days, if you decide to purchase CMS you won’t lose any of the data you have entered.

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